Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rue B Back 40

Nice meal last night at Back Forty, 190 Avenue B. I have a particular fondness for the crow perched on their logo (I suppose the designer wasn't aware that one crow is bad luck when counting crows). One of the employees is a bee person (hence, sweet), which is how I heard of the place, and she showered us with comp app and dessert (lovely little donuts, of all things, with a goopy yummy glaze), so we rolled out in great satisfaction into the damn cold evening. A. had one of the best burgers (grass-fed beef) he’s ever eaten, OHS went with the crab cakes, and I had the pork sausage. I thought mine the weakest link, too heavily spiced and tasting a bit like Christmas with the cloves, although the red cabbage bedding smoothed that out a bit. I was not disappointed, however, like I was the last time I tried out a new restaurant (the overpriced, frat-flavored faux barbeque at Hill Country). We also had fried onion rings, cauliflower gratin, and a fennel pumpkin salad that was a winner. The eponymous house cocktail is really good: bourbon, lemon juice, maple syrup, orange bitters. All in all, we liked the place. The tab was just over $60 a head, if you count the first round of drinks at the bar, which A picked up because he’s a gentleman.
I like to call my concrete backyard the "back forty inches."

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