Sunday, January 13, 2008

Honey, honey

Casa Brooklyn Bachelor was packed today with sixteen friends of the bees and a smorgasbord of honey-themed eats. Sixteen’s the Guinness record for the number of people you can get in here, but it worked fantastically. Here’s my first homemade cheese, tightly wrapped in cheesecloth to drain for an hour and a half and cohere into a mass.

And here, unwrapped and ready to be sliced. Strangely beautiful, like a mushroom, in this image:I put a touch of lemon zest in, and could have added more salt; still, it was fresh and delicious. Where's the honey, you ask? I drizzled it on the slices and served it with toasted walnuts. Buttermilk was the active agent; added to the boiling milk, it quickly forms curds and the thick yellowish whey. Cool! The raw milk underground (you know they’d be associated with beekeeping) wanted to know about my milk, but alas it was pasteurized. A rank amateur, I know.

Later in the afternoon, while snuggling with OHS, we heard a strange noise that I thought must have been from the building hallway. In fact, it was the last bottle of champagne: it blew its top in the freezer. The freezer door was forced open, and champagne slurpy piled up with the cork, cage, and wrapping in the front corner, all dripping down on the fridge front. Never had that happen before.


Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Nice blog!
That cheese was yummy.
It looks like a chambered nautilus in the pic.

Thew said...

... or a very pale heart.