Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Election Special

To flip the Clash: Rudy can fail! It’ll be back to fleecing the suckers by exploiting the dead of September 11th for him, although I did hear some Floridian pine for his appointment to AG under McCain. The longing for a man on horseback runs deep in some quarters. (BTW, the pool on how long Mrs. Ghouliani #3 lasts is open for business.) Sorry to see Edwards go, though. As a person, he didn’t much appeal, but at least he spoke populist and diagnosed the class war we are so profoundly losing; that, of course, was much too much for the media pets and their masters.

Superduper Tuesday cometh: I won’t be breaking my streak of never having voted for a Clinton yet. A pox on their GOP-lite centrism, which softened up the nation for Bush. And regarding HRC specifically, don’t forget her vote for Bush’s war, a craven act of "political viability," as they call gutlessness, that tells you everything you need to know about how hard she’ll fight for you. Voting for her means approving of her refusal to stand against Bush. Gender symbolism be damned; she’s raking in more contributions from the war profiteers than the gung-ho McCain.

To vote symbolically (read: impotently), as opposed to acting politically, is to a priori surrender to the Money Power’s control over our consumerocracy, in which image and money trump democracy. (That goes double for the gibberish about the Obama group-hug that’s going to solve everything; how STUNNINGLY naïve people are! Still! But, if it has to between C and O, I’m toggling O.)

McCain, meanwhile, is a real threat to what should be a Democratic sweep this fall: this country is inordinately fond of old white men in the role of President, and he’s very successfully branded himself as a “maverick” (a bunch of baloney!), not a Stepford-Republican, so he’s not as smeared with the filth of this debased and corrupt conservative era we’re damned to be living in. Still, he is a servant of the party of plutocracy, fundamentalism, neo-confederacy, and neoconnery, and that says more than enough. Plus, four years of him saying “My friends,…”? Please. We’ve already had seven of Bush’s creepy little lisp.

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