Saturday, September 22, 2007

Barren Island Airship

An all-white zeppelin rose over the Floyd Bennett Field grasslands, as white as Ahab’s whale. It was unmarked by the usual advertising pollution, the first I’ve ever seen that wasn’t plugging something. The whiteness made it quite ghostly, eerie. It headed west, towards where I’d been combing the glass beach on Dead Horse Bay. Two long wires like the legs of a wasp hung backwards from the front; mooring ropes, I suppose. I imagined that Little Nemo’s father, the old mad Captain, was piloting it, on a mission of monomaniacal desperation, to moor at the spire of the Chrysler Building with a threat or salvation.

“Airship” is one of those beautiful portmanteaus, isn’t it? "Blimp," not so much.
*** Barren Island bottles, Grace Kelly’s gams.

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Megan said...

Actually, it is not a "Zeppelin" but an airship owned and operated by Airship Management Services, Inc.,, in Greenwich, Connecticut. The ship is based at Floyd Bennett Field for the rest of the week and is just flying friends and VIPs.

We are delighted that you are enjoying the unbranded ship!