Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Waterworld again

This morning’s downpour, which woke me up with resounding but distant thunder, paralyzed the subways and the commuter trains. Yesterday, I was alluding to bigger storm surges, but I’m not prescient. Global warming is making the oceans rise. There are major consequences to this fact. Storms will being growing stronger as they feed off of warmer water. More consequences for this urban archipelago. NYC hasn’t had a major hurricane threat in quite a long time, and we’re overdue. But today’s flooding was the result of just another severe thunderstorm; if this is state of our subways, then we’re in HUGE trouble.

Isn’t it amazing how everything seems to be breaking down? Democracy, health, environment, infrastructure. Crime’s up nation-wide, too (so far not here in NYC, but it will come.) We’ve given up on the common good, retreated into our selves and our families, and expect the market to provide. Well, kids, we reap what we sow, whether we're paying attention or not.

Estimated life-time cost of Bush Co's war in Iraq: $2 trillion.

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