Sunday, July 22, 2007

The weekend so far

Saturday of the perfect weather turned out to be a two ex day. With X1, I finally made it to Tom’s, an old school diner in Prospect Heights, where I had the pastrami omelet, another first, and a chocolate milkshake. The omelet was fantastic and the shake was very good. From there we went over to spend the afternoon in the BBG, where bees of all sorts were working the flowers. X1 was in excellent humor and we had a nice time. A cedar cone had the most fantastic smelling resin on it; other, from another tree, not a bit of it. Dinner with X2, at a Korean place, was also delightful. I’d commissioned some dinosaur t-shirts from her for my niece and nephew; she had mailed them, but the package was returned in the mail, ripped open, shirts gone. Grr!

I didn’t see a single child reading Harry Potter Inc. this weekend. I had four under-tens climb up to the bee platform to quietly watch the masses of bees on the frame as I pulled them this afternoon. All the kids were quiet brave (not that there’s much to worry about; I told them we were not bears to rip apart the hives.) It was the adults who were seen Pottering. Two Saturday night, reading as they walked down the street. A couple clutching their doorstops as they boarded the 4 train with me a little later. A dad near the end of the book on the F train this afternoon. I’ve never read any of the Potters, but with so many books in the world, kids’ lit is so not a priority for me.

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