Sunday, July 15, 2007


Spent Saturday making learning how to make Polaroid transfers. Very invigorating. I've been in love with Lotte Hansen's work in this vein for a while and glad I got to try it out. One off images, and me without a scanner, so I may not have anything up here. I used some negative of Danish trees that turned out pretty nice and made few rayograms as well.

Ended the day eating Turkish food in Weehawken. They’ve got a nice view of Midtown over there.

Sunday a schwitzing hike along the Shore Trail under the purple (or “eggplant,” as my wo-walker had it) Palisades. I'm liking those rocks more and more. Saw a dead red-tailed hawk along the path. Speaking of purple, I made potato salad with purple and red-skinned potatoes and very lightly pickled pink beets for dinner.

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