Tuesday, July 10, 2007

farm fresh

Sauna-like conditions at CSA distribution tonight, where I put my hour and a half in of work for the season. To be had were beets, parsley, scallions, lettuce, radicchio, & snap beans.

I've been eating cherries all day. Last week I bought some sour cherries, which have a shorter season than the sweet, and I'm hoping there are more available tomorrow at the farmer's market. These are what you want to cook with, since their taste is so fantastic when sweetened. I just cooked them in a pan with some sugar the other day, making a sort of compote. Drop of almond extract added (I believe they are related fruits, which is why they go so nicely together). Eat it with a spoon or pour over icecream for blissful results. Now I want to make a cherry cobbler when the heat breaks, because I can.

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