Friday, June 1, 2007

Up the river

Up the Hudson to Tarrytown last night in this beautiful 1938 Gar Wood-built utility runabout. That’s all new wood there. The mighty river was a little rough in patches, with the occasional whitecap, so we were sprayed here and there, but otherwise it was a great trip, the first of the boating season. I never get tired of that run, though I’m a little intimidated by the huge expanse of water. Small boat, big water. The sheer face of the Palisades above the Giant’s Stairs were particularly purple last night, setting off the late blooms of the Paulownia trees. In Tarrytown, we ate in the usual dockside place right across the tracks from the MetroNorth station. Good steamers, ok shrimp, passable crabcake. The place was full of scary young suburbanites, the kind of corporate canon fodder who overrun Midtown at lunch time. After docking back in the darkness of the Palisades, a full orange moon rose over the valley between Inwood Hill and Fort Tryon.

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