Monday, June 18, 2007

Speaking of cats

There’s a feral one (or more) hanging out in the gutted carriage house next door who slips into my backyard to shit in my flower pots. I’ve never seen it in my yard, although I’ve seen it slink up to Stompy-FGB’s porch, where the useless dog evidently cowers in fear from it. Today there was scat in the two pots I re-seeded Friday: once early in the a.m. and then the other around noon, which meant the foul feline struck while I was out. Huge flies were swarming over the dumps, make the situation especially nasty. So I’ve thickly studded wooden kabob skewers into the soil: punji sticks worked for the Viet Cong, they might work for me.

BTW, the animal control people were no help, since they want me to capture and cage/box the cat before they come pick it up. Hard day’s work there, fellas! And it’s not a case for “animal law enforcement” because the buildings are abandoned: no one’s mistreating the little shithead(s). Cat shat fever.

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A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

Memo to self: There's an empty fenced-in space between the carriage house and the house on the corner, which is also abandoned. (Someone is sitting on millions of $ of real estate, although it's going to take a whole lotta $ to fix 'em up.) Someone, maybe the same someone, is responsible for two Rovers that are sometimes parked betweeen the carriage house and Big House. Now, if I wasn't such a nice fellow, I might just heave the cat shit over the wall and onto the Rovers, to encourage them to take solve their cat problem. Of course, it's forbearance like this that lets the powers that be get away with it, most of the time. Consider how criminal SUVS are, and that the rest of us don't key them all the time on principal...