Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Countertenors

On Future Devo, which tapes shows before they’re broadcast, I’ve seen my first episode of the Sopranos. It would also be the last episode of the series, but who’s counting? After ten years, by gosh, I just want to be a part of it. Here’s how it ends: Paulie Walnuts and Chucky Cheese are gunned down over bowls of pasta fazzolli (messy); Tony turns state evidence, gets whacked in revenge, but then the whack turns out to be a set-up by the Feds so that he can go into witness protection to live out his life on a sheep farm in Idaho, where he eventually dies of scrapie. Meanwhile, Carmella and Dr. M. decide to leave the boys behind and shack up together in P-Town running Creamy Carmella, an ice-cream parlor. Then at the very end, it turns out the whole series has been naught but the fever dream of Fat Pussy in the last millisecond of his life.

I fed both the cat and the bartender at Stain Bar last night as I helped man the grill at Ella's birthday party. The cat, an all-black number named Poe, kinda-sorta sneaked a burger off a plate laid down close enough to the ground when nobody was looking. Uh-huh. The bartender had tofu pups and a soy burger. She thanked me profusely, but didn't offer me a drink on the house. I blame her boss for that. I got home around 1245. Almost immediately it started to pour.

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