Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Brooklyn ramble

Planned on hiking upstate but the subway wasn’t playing fair, so I didn’t make it to GCT in time for the Hudson Line train; aborting at City Hall, I walked over Brooklyn Bridge instead, and while doing so decided I should lead an AMC walk over one bridge, under two, up into the Heights and then down to Red Hook, with pauses for Steve’s Key Lime Pie and the ball fields. A Brooklyn Ramble. I skipped the sublime pie this time around, since they don’t sell slices, but got some fiery ceviche mixto and a horchata at the ball fields. (Last week there was some ruckus because wankers at the Parks Department want to put the time-honored vendors out of business and open the spaces to bid. Senator “Slippery” Schumer, smelling a winner [Hispanic and foodie voters, o my] was all over the issue, so it probably won’t come to pass.) Walked past the Red Hook Added Value Farm, then through it; rich with smells of the earth. Cabbage white butterflies were laddering up in their mating flights. I talked to some of the farmwomen (it was pretty much all female) and spread the gospel of the bees, but they’re already converted, just worried about the Parks Department. Bee keeping being illegal in NYC, ahem. They start selling produce there on Saturdays in July. You can also volunteer there on Saturdays, starting at 10am.

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