Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bee update

They had to re-queen Hive C last weekend. You may recall that we seemed to have lost the original queen in a swarm. While we didn’t see her today, there were eggs, which means she’s in there somewhere, laying. And that's a good thing. Hive D, on the otherhand, has capped brood. Soon the new bees will be out. The hive is reproducing. Very exciting

These pictures are of a queen cell, or queen cap. There was a touch of honey on it, which we all tasted. Mild stuff, since it’s made from the sugar water we’re feeding them until they start scouring the nabe for the good nectar. One of the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder maybe the GMO-shit corn syrup industrial bee factories feed their bees.

Green Oasis is looking spectacular.

I was in suit again, surrounded by a cloud of buzz. The gloves we're using are awkward. I can see why some go barehanded.

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