Saturday, April 28, 2007

You'll be the first to know

So you, Legions (?) of Fans, have been wondering: what’s up with the Birds & the Bees, Bachelor?

Took a walk this afternoon with a Dubliner visiting NYC. She loves our fair city, comes often, didn’t realize Prospect kicked the ass of Central. We met in front of Mr. Stranahan. (These guys were busking nicely there beforehand.) She got a good tour -- hell, I’m a licensed sightseeing guide --but it was a No Cigar Situation.

This was my first outing with company -- dating-wise -- in a week. I’ve spoken a couple times with the Italian over the phone but we haven’t re-f2f-ed again. She’s out of town this weekend, doing something I’d like to do: planting and cleaning the base camp on Fire Island. No doubt we'll get together again.

What happened to the Medic, the Ceramist, the Metalworker? The Alchemist, the Astrophysicist, the Acupuncturist? Ok, ok, I made up those last three. Well, obviously, nothing, nada, nyet, has happened. Mostly because I haven't made any effort to pursue. And why have I not pursued? No hook, no click, no dynamite. (Not like I’m fighting them off: It’s a mutual ambiguity.)

After all you’ll be the first to know…

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