Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two Lifers

The blue grosbeak eluded me for a second day. BUT I saw the sora (top) on the south end of the Lake. This is the first sighting of this species of rail in the Park in 16 years. It showed itself off quite nicely, and at one point pulled up a plump worm easily twice it's length, which it worried for a while, cut into two, and ate in two swallows. And I had very good views of a stunning yellow-throated warbler.

In addition to the usual suspects, I also saw male and female brown headed cowbirds, a swamp sparrow, and an immature red-tail in the tulip tree overlooking Nelly's Lawn.

A "lifer" is birder argot for an example of a species that you see for the first time. You can now add it to your "life list." There are now 179 birds on my NYC list, that is, differnt species I've seen within the bounds of NYC. Ahem, not that I'm counting, cough-cough. Birdnerd. There are 234 on my life list, which includes Scotland and the Bay Area.

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