Thursday, April 5, 2007

Tongues of Fire

I love sweet potatoes. With the return of winter’s chill, I decided to bake one for dinner. I ate it with seared tuna that I rubbed with garam masala, paprika, & cumin; peas and pearl onions; and little “sugar plum” cherry tomatoes that I sliced in half and threw into the skillet after removing the tuna.

I’ll be cooking for seven or so souls on Sunday. (There may be eight if I'm lucky, wink-wink.) I’ll be making east-er food: for my birthday back in February, I received a load of Indian spices and other goodies from Kalustyan’s, “since 1944 a landmark for fine specialty foods.” This smorgasbord (what, that’s not a sub-continental term?) included the above-mentioned trio of spices, jaggary, and my favorite, just for the name, “Tongues of Fire” beans.

I love to cook. Of course, the main reason I invite people over is because it forces me to clean my apartment. There are great herds of dust buffalo that need to be corralled. Sumbitches are massing for their spring offensive.


scrappy girl said...

Hi, what's Sumbitches?

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

My dustbeasts are sumbitches.

"Sumbitch" is more or less a Southern/western (spaghetti western, even) abbreviation/ euphemism for "son of a bitch"; E.g. "Let's dry gulch 'em sumbitches 'fore the Marshall sobers up."