Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This just in

So the Medic wants to know if her mother can come to our first date tomorrow night. Our Cyclopean date, that is, not-quite- blind date. It was the Mom’s idea; she likes my picture. Just wait ‘til she finds out I’m a marginally employed layabout….

Damn, I knew I started this blog for a reason!


scrappy girl said...

Wow, and I thought it was bad when I brought my bff to a second date.

your conscious said...

or what a narcissitic ass you truly are. you better pray none of the women you write about ever see this. how would you feel if the photographer or cooperator were blogging about this marginally employed guy who can't get his shit together.

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

You mean "conscience." As in, my conscience is conscious and living on the internet.

your conscience said...

fair enough. i guess my anger took over.

in fairness, and full disclosure, i'm a friend of LG. you can thank scrappy girl for alerting me to your blog. i can't believe you would be so disrespectful as to belittle her publicly (or reveal your sex life), after she's been nothing but kind to you (too kind really). she's struggling and feels badly enough about herself for the struggle. if she ever saw the below post, she would be crushed. don't worry, i won't tell her about it. she's a wonderful caring woman who loved you. be grateful.

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

Thanks for your disclosure, YCS. Your perspective makes sense now.

Of course, we do have very different takes on this. I don't think I've been disrespectful, or that I've belittled anyone (except myself and public figures).

But I also know that LG would be hurt by this blog, since she hasn't reached a place yet where she sees my life separate from her's, or can, like my previous-to-her girlfriend, laugh now with me at the follies of my life. So I haven't told her about it (unlike the Photog & Cooperator, btw, who both knew I blogged about my bachelor life before there was any lip-locking).

Of course, I'm writing about myself here (an ongoing memoir, as it were) which includes my sex life, which obviously intersects with other lives (and, it turns out, their friends, admirable in defense of the wrongs they see.) I make an effort to be calm and polite about it, not at all like the slashing and burning of my old political blog. Here I tend towards what I think is a tragicomic voice and persona, a WASP version of the schlemiel, which isn't everybody's cuppa (or, for that matter, even successful).

Now, in the case of LG, we probably shouldn't have been so kind to each other afterwards. For you may not think so (but then you're outside the dynamic, whoever you are), but I've tried to be kind as well. (Of course I haven't always succeeded!) I now think that may have been a mistake: a more abject break a year and half ago might have been better. But I can't re-write the past. I also can't ignore it.

Partisans of the Other Team will always be passionate, I suppose. So, again, thanks for taking a deep breath and explaining yourself.

Whoever you are, may your life be blameless: we all strive for it, none of us succeeds, but I still wish it.

ycs said...

thank you for your explanation.

i do think you have, for the most part, been kind to her. she was kicking herself the other day for even telling you how she felt. she wishes so she left a positive moment alone. so when i saw you publicly revealing her failing, i wanted to protect her. only the other day, you told her how wonderful she is. and she really is.

catherine said...

bachelor -- are you sure you aren't a lesbian?

the still-entangled ex, virtue defended by her best friend; lusty exchanges over pots of tofu at the coop; snuggling; potluck dinners...

this cannot continue!

as a regular reader i demand: more sex! less canoodling!! [did i spell that right] and no middle of the night conversations with the ex!!!

why not introduce her to the cooperator and see what happens?

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

Well, I was once called "practically a lesbian."

Anonymous said...

isn't it ironic that the day you quote vonnegut on being kind, your kindness is questioned.