Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some notes

Who actually wastes their life listening to Don Imus? This ancient blowhard with marbles in his mouth makes millions for nothin’ because, evidently, the flies can’t get enough of his shit.

Speaking of blowhards, John McCain’s another fraud who has somehow suckered an oversized fan base. The “Straight Talk Express,” one of the great scams of our charade politics, blitzed his photo-op through Baghdad recently. He was there to tout the latest press release of "progress" in the four-year effort to “secure” that city. 3,294 dead Americans (not counting the surplus mercenaries), averaging more than four per day so far this month.

The Goggle Brothers : two old eccentrics I see once and a while around Court Street. Twin brothers. Passed them today, did a double take: they were dressed alike in brown trousers and blue jackets, but what really makes them noticeable are the goggles they wear; these are horizontal plastic bubbles that look like 1950s pulp spaceman gear. What do you want to bet that they live in a place absolutely packed with years and years of their stuff? And that they’ll be undiscovered for weeks after they die? Wouldn’t be the first time.

My Last Girlfriend called last night. The woman is having a hell of a time breaking up with me. It was over a year and a half ago. But she, being in love for the first time, convinced it will never happen again, hasn’t been able to get to Over. But she did say that she was not going to be in touch with me for a while. That lasted about ten hours: got an e-mail from her this morning. Sigh.

A late arrival at last night's discussion group turns out to live in my neighborhood, so we finagled a ride home from Williamsburg (otherwise a two-train affair): the Italian. Hmmmmm.

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