Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The cold seals you in. In winter, you damn well know where your body ends. So different from the wet edge of summer, where the air is warmer and more humid than you are and so you start to dissolve at the boundaries and your body begins to float away. Now the edge is hard and fast, dry and static-y. It’s cold tonight, perfect spooning weather.

Walking home this evening, I thought, since the Musician seems to have lost interest, that I should just leave off on the Nerve dating for a while. In fact, a month ago, when my high level "Gold" subscription ran out, I didn’t renew, and have coasted on the “points” I had somehow built up earlier. I thought I should just become the master of my own domain, as it were… which needless to say made me wonder how long I could abstain from that, as well.

But then, when I got in, there was an e-mail from the Science Teacher. So it looks we’ll have a drink together tomorrow.

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