Monday, March 5, 2007

A moral dilemma?

Corresponding with a potential date from da Nerve. Using a few clues, I Googled her and found her website and was quite impressed by her work. So I thought it would be only fair to tell her my full name and link her my old blog. She can also Google me, find some things I’ve written, but since this new blog is anonymous, she won’t find it.

Last fall, I went out with a woman who likes her boys bad. Whatever that means: one thing it surely meant was Not Me, but my point is that she told me that she had found out about a blog an ex was keeping (and keeping from her). A form of virtual infidelity (after all, isn’t the truest connection emotional?). Maybe I’m old-fashioned -- I’m certainly a semi-luddite -- but I thought to myself that I wouldn’t do that. (This maybe why I make such a lousy bad boy).

Of course, in the case of my new correspondent, not to say corespondent, I haven’t even met her yet. So I think there’s too much one-sided information here for a Cyclopean date. Let us both go into it knowing a little about each other and seeing what develops. Then tell her. Optimistic of me to even think we’ll have a first date, but without optimism the people perish.

When I started this nearly two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure what my plans for this thing were. I’m still not. Part of it stemmed from my New Year’s resolution to get in touch with my inner bachelor. Ah, but women keep interrupting this best laid plan. This is why I’d never manage to fit into a charterhouse like the one in Into Great Silence.


Anonymous said...

by being on nerve, aren't you thwarting your plan?

A Brooklyn Bachelor said...

Yes I am. Like my patron saint, that great Brooklynite Walt Whitman, I am full of contradictions.