Friday, February 23, 2007

Two movies and a Date

What does the Modern Bachelor eat for dinner? I usual do my own cooking, but tonight I got some baby back ribs and shredded pork from a local joint I've been meaning to check out; not great Q, but pretty good, and I ate most of it with a couple glasses of white wine. You learn something everyday, don't you, and today I learned that my stemless wineglasses don't work so good when the hands are all saucy and piggy.

Solo to BAM to view Damnation, a movie from Hungary directed by Bela Tarr, with an awful lot of rain and subtle gradations of the color gray. I am mentally psyching myself for Tarr’s Satantango, which is 7.5 hours long, and rumored to be one of the great movies of the last decade; it’s playing tomorrow and next weekend (at Anthology). But I’ll miss it tomorrow because I have a date.

She’s a photographer: I’ve seen her self-portraits (on-line), some of which are nudes, but I still really can’t tell what she looks like. It’s all very Cindy Sherman-esque. I did speak with her the other night for nearly two hours, when she sang the Czech version of happy birthday to me. That was quite beautiful. She went to Wesleyan. Naturally, since the place seems to have been babe central during the 80s.

Earlier this week I also went see to Children of Men, which turns out be a remake of Casablanca, with Clive Owen making a pretty good Bogart, the reluctant good guy who ultimately re-ups for the cause, but then stays behind when the woman makes her escape. Being the sentimental apocalyptic (or is that apocalyptic sentimentalist) that I am, I almost cried during the scene when the baby is carried out of the building.

This is turning into a very Austro-Hungarian post. Victor Laszlo, the goody-goody who gets away with Ingrid Bergman’s Ilsa in the end? He’s a Czech resistance fighter.

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